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Our purpose

Agos Artistry is an artist collective bringing original designs from various creators to you, a member of the Agos community. Every article of clothing is hand printed by our team, incorporating unique designs from collaborating artists. Our goal is to create quality, comfortable apparel that you know supports our community.

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Our artists

Our clothing

Our team

Destin Rodgers

The caveman himself, Destin is the founder of Agos Artistry and the first Agos Artist. Mentored by the legendary Greg Barton and Knox Garvin, he brought the screen-printing experience that made it all possible and the creative inspiration that formed the foundation of Agos.

Patrick McElroy

A year after its initial launch, Patrick pushed Agos to take the next step. By creating our website, he allowed Agos to reach people everywhere. Without Pat pushing deadlines and long term goals, Agos would only be a vision.

Our process