Agos artists

Destin Rodgers

Destin is the screen printer and original member of Agos Artistry.  Though most of his time now is spent working on digital artwork, Destin is also a writer, photographer, and loves to draw landscapes.  Having graduated from Norfolk Academy class of 2019, Destin is a current sophomore at Virginia Tech.

Instagram: destincrodgers

Youtube: Agos Artistry



Rob Russell

Rob is a photographer and cinematographer and good friend of the Agos team.  He has contributed to multiple Agos photoshoots as well as shot and edited the "Our Process" video.  A former classmate of Patrick and Destin's, Rob graduated from Norfolk Academy in 2019 and is now majoring in computer science at Tufts University in Boston.

Instagram: rob_rus

Youtube: Bah Bee


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