Agos' artists

Destin Rodgers

Destin is the screen printer and original member of Agos Artistry.  Though most of his time now is spent on school, work, and coaching, Destin is also a digital artist, writer, and photographer.  Having graduated from Norfolk Academy class of 2019 and attended Virginia Tech for 2 years, Destin is majoring in Computer Science at TCC and planning to transfer to ODU.

Instagram: destincrodgers


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 Alex Shammas

Alex is a prolific animator, game designer, and concept artist currently working at Noth Studio game design.  A graduate of Norfolk Academy and the Savannah College of Art and Design, Alex freelanced for a few years developing visual art for hundreds of clients.  He now works at Noth Studio, a game development company he helped found.


Instagram: @shammanist 



Laura Read
Laura is a talented artist skilled with colored pencils, gouache, and digital art (although she could probably make amazing art with just about anything).  She currently studies Architecture at the University of Virginia where she also sings as a part of the University Singers choir and runs her online print store.
Instagram: @artworkbylaura  



Rob Russell

Rob is a photographer and cinematographer and good friend of the Agos team.  He has contributed to multiple Agos photoshoots as well as shot and edited the "Our Process" video.  A former classmate of Patrick and Destin's, Rob graduated from Norfolk Academy in 2019 and is now majoring in computer science at Tufts University in Boston.

Instagram: @rob_rus



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